Native American flutes and Native American flute music.
Enter a meditative journey shared by this Native
American Music Awards Nominee and award winning traditional flute maker of Oregon, USA


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Native American Flute Music and Native American Flutes
by Enrolled Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon

Charles LittleleafArtist, Charles Littleleaf, is a Native American flutist and creator of traditional Native American flutes with many of his museum quality instruments winning prestigious awards.  As an enrolled tribal member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Charles is also an Honorary Member of the Pagan Blackfoot Band Reserve in Brocket, Alberta, Canada, and son of the late Chief Jack Littleleaf.  Charles’ traditional Native American flutes can be found in museums, galleries, and in the homes of many fine American Indian art collectors. 

Charles Littleleaf's pieces are some of the most sought after Native American flutes in the world and are primarily available by commission, unless otherwise advertised. (see Artists' Flute Galleries One and Two) Although his woodwinds are widely recognized for their breathtaking beauty and extremely fair pricing, it is Charles’ flute making precision and unsurpassable concert tuning that he is so well known for around the globe. His instruments are created with great love and care, are never massed produced, and are always immaculate in both visuals and in sound. What you'll receive is an collectible, authentically made Native American flute in highest quality available.

Now Available - Charles' Native American flute music CD... Utilizing the gifts of Mother Earth as his inspiration along with his native heritage, Charles' traditional style of Native American flute playing embarks on the simplicity of life and cultural traditions.......(more)

Native American flutes and music - tools that take us on a special journey to a simple place, a peaceful place, to a place of meditation - healing the spirit.

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